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Besser leben, besser schlafen? Ich kann Ihnen helfen!

Mag. Marion Venus, Klinische und Gesundheitspsychologin (BMGF, FSP) mit
15 Jahren Erfahrung im 1:1 Coaching für anspruchsvolle
Lebens- und Arbeitssituationen.

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in Kooperation mit heartcheck GmbH https://www.heartcheck.ch/
Höschgasse 25, 8008 Zürich

Ph. D. Research
Correlates of FTL, Fatigue and Employment Conditions in Pilot Health & Wellbeing
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Starting 2019 I offer the full package which will cover
Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1042 and Part-MED Update

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  1. One Day Workshop on "Airline Pilots' Mental Health under Pressure"
    my Ph. D. research topic

  2. One day workshop Pilot Peer Support: From theory and rules to Pilot Peer Support reality

  3. Two days workshop pilot assessment for
    a) pilot selection,
    b) mental fitness assessment of airline pilots for Medical Class 1,
    c) clinical interview for Medical Class 1 and special situations

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Next Presentations:

Doktorands'-Colloquium @ University of Bern, Inst. for Clinical Psychology,
with Prof. Dr. Martin Grosse Holtforth
Dec. 19, 2018, 16-18 p.m.

PSY Congress Bern, Switzerland, Sept. 5-7, 2018:
Germanwings Crash, its Consequences and the New EASA Rules regarding
Pilot Mental Health
Correlates of Flight Time Limitations, Fatigue, Employment Conditions in Airline Pilots’ Mental Fitness

56. wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der DGLRM, 18.-20.10.2018 in Speyer, Germany

2018 AAvPA Symposium – 7-9 November 2018, Sydney, Australia
Australian Avation Psychologists Association

http://icasm2018.com/ International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine,
Nov. 11-15, 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

It Started with Fatigue ...
Presenter: Marion Venus, Ph.D. Candidate University of Bern



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